Saturday, September 27, 2014

Timeliness and Tardiness: A Measure of Priorities

We've all heard it before. It's an Asian thing. It's a Hawaiian thing, It's a Southern thing. If we're really honest with ourselves, being late has become so prevalent that quite frankly, it's a human thing. I recall reading an article about how we've become accustomed to being late to everything that, as a society, we pretty much accept it as the standard norm. Look, I get as much as the next person that different people place different values on time, and therefore not everyone views time equally despite everyone having an equal amount of time. However, I would argue that it's generally untrue that people are late to everything in their lives. Regardless of how much relative value people place on time, I would posit that pretty much everyone values time. And while I may unfortunately, perhaps offend some in this regards, I feel it is something worth saying. You may disagree with me, but ultimately speaking, we are late to things because we don't care.