Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Fellow Americans...

I borrow this address of President Johnson not because I think I'm someone special or important, but because I find it the most fitting address. Granted, most people won't read this, and those that do might ask, "Who is this guy? Why should we listen to him?" I don't really have an answer to either of those questions. I'm just another American citizen trying to make sense of everything. Election 2016 was a roller coaster and one that was neither exhilarating or satisfying, but rather nauseating and disappointing.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Love Misunderstood

We don’t get love.

It’s something that’s easy to say and has been said enough that it’s almost kind of clich├ęd. I grant that point. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less true. Love is one of those commonly overused words. We sort of intuitively have this understanding that the English language’s limitation to this single word “love” is somewhat insufficient to denote the depth of meaning behind it. Some of us may also know that other languages, such as Greek, have different words for different types of love. Sure, that makes sense. However, that knowledge does not necessarily mean that we have no idea what we’re actually saying when we use the word.